Cultivating Sunflowers is near and dear to our hearts at Sun.Flowers. Like any good relationship, you need to get a little closer in order to grow. The same goes for the way we view Sunflowers, and it all begins in the fields.

Every Sunflower begins its journey at our Dos Gringos farms, delicately nurtured by our team of expert growers. The cool, coastal plains and fertile, inland valleys of Southern California and Baja, Mexico are where we plant our first plant every seed. And in such wonderful, sun-soaked places happiness abounds. With thousands of acres at our disposal, we’ve become the largest ornamental Sunflower company in the nation – it’s a hefty responsibility!

That’s why the details matter so much to our team. From seeds to seedlings, to full grown Sunflowers, we carefully monitor every stage of their growth. Each bloom is meticulously picked when the heads are barely open. We quickly bundle them with care, and send them out the door on their way to brighten homes across the country.