Meet Gretchen. We’ve had our eye on this fashionista for quite some time. When it comes to style, she strikes the perfect balance—bringing a curated cool to life through meticulous details and layers—in a fun, playful way we’re all eager to imitate. With her unique design sensibilities in mind, we just had to partner with her on the very first Everyday Joy bouquet, our monthly arrangement designed by some of your favorite bloggers and tastemakers. Get to know the gal behind the L’Inspiration bouquet.


Where do you live?
Portland, Oregon

Favorite thing in your house:
Besides my dogs and husband… I love all of our plants. They bring life to a room and create interesting space [and clean air!]

What is your guilty pleasure?
Champagne and almond cake… in bed! But my daily guilty pleasure would be allowing the dogs to sleep in bed with us!

What fictional character would you want as a best friend?
Gah! Hard question. I’d love to be friends with Anais Nin [one of my favorite writers] but as far as fictional characters… I suppose Mary Poppins. Because she’s never not going to surprise you with some fresh, grand way of seeing the magic in the every day. Who wouldn’t want that?


For first-time Portland-ers, what are the must-see sites, and best places to eat/shop?

My favorite shops:

  • Frances May
  • Una
  • Mercantile
  • Table of Contents
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Backtalk
  • Bridge & Burn
  • 811 Building (Six/Seven & Seven Sisters)
  • Lille
  • Palace

My favorite food/drink spots:

  • Maurice [brunch]
  • Sweedeedee [brunch]
  • Lauretta Jean’s [brunch]
  • All-Way [lunch]
  • Meat Cheese Bread [lunch]
  • P’s & Q’s [lunch]
  • Grain & Grissel [dinner]
  • Ned Ludd [dinner]
  • Dove Vive [dinner]
  • Breakside [brewery]
  • Angel Face [bar]
  • Victoria [bar]

Gretchen 2


You have a very unique sense of style that incorporates so many beautiful details. Tell us a bit about where your inspiration comes from—for both your home and the way you dress…
Oh… why thank you! I feel like style is inherent, but… you can work your way into intuiting it.

My personal style and design taste are pretty much aligned. I like to think of myself as a romantic minimalist. I love to bring richness to simplicity. Smart, feminine silhouettes and rich texture is essential. I love using layers to create depth. I love playing with proportion! To me, an outfit [or collection] is complete when the dynamism of pairing juxtaposed concepts come together in a way that feels effortless.

My interior aesthetic has evolved just as much as my wardrobe actually- My husband is much more of a minimalist, and leans towards industrial. My taste leans to more organic and bohemian [but don’t think hippie, think 1920’s Bohemia.] What’s special is how our two senses come together to form a beautifully natural refined aesthetic, but with warmth.

You have a knack for finding unexpected ways to elevate your look everyday. When it comes to your life, what does Everyday Joy mean to you?
Elevating my everyday is all in the details. From my interactions to what I surround myself with, I find that I tend to approach life with a quality vs. quantity sensibility.

What makes each day special is welcoming the clever and unexpected! Everyday Joy is about embracing the every day in a way that creates room for what’s special about being alive!

How do you incorporate Sunflowers into your life?
I like that Sunflowers take me back to my childhood. They are a flower that’s not too precious, and they stand alone. Bringing home a bouquet of Sunflowers is like bringing in a warm summer day breeze, they brighten up the home in a way that feels like a smile.



For the fashionista in your life, give the L’Inspiration bouquet by Sun.Flowers.