Every time we turn around, technology is finding its way into another facet of our lives. It’s designed to make us faster, more efficient. But lately it seems we’re becoming detached from the world around us, and more consumed by machines and screens.

So how do we disconnect? There is a Slow Movement taking place around the world—a lifestyle geared to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves.

The Slow Movement begins with humans creating and making things that matter—by hand. Makers from around the world are contributing, and changing the way we consume.

At Sun.Flowers, slowing down means connecting with the earth. Getting our hands dirty. Sending flowers straight from the field. With every bouquet we deliver, we’re connecting people closer to our fields, closer to the soil. With every seed we plant, we hope to give back to mother nature, and encourage Sunflower lovers everywhere to plant seeds of change in their own communities.

How do you connect to the world around you? How can you contribute to mother nature? From community gardens to window boxes and beyond, urban dwellers have never been so creative: